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Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Why Shaukat Ali was kept in lock-up through the night

Shaukat Ali, the Muslim man who was the victim of a mob attack in Biswanath chariali last week for allegedly selling beef, was kept inside a police lock-up the whole night instead of being taken to hospital. Friday I visited him in Gauhati medical college hospital, 

Shaukat Ali said me that he was managed to get admitted to GMCH Only on the next morning after 17 hours of released from police lock up . Ali was attacked on 7th April by a mob alleging him as a beef seller. The mob allegedly forced him to eat pork, which has been forbidden in the law of Islam, questioned his nationality, and they asked if he was a Bangladeshi and whether his name had appeared in the National Register of citizens (NRC). 

According to Ali he was attacked around 4pm. When the incident happened, " I was beaten up badly, the central reserve police force intervened and took me to the police station'," Ali told me. "'there they did some paper work and kept me in the lock - up the entire night . The next morning at 11am they got me admitted here.'" Ali is now back to his home town, but says to Azizur Rahman, adviser of All Assam minority students union when he visits Ali' s home on Saturday he continues to be in great pain and can barely talk or hear due to a bad ear injury. 

Now police is working well, they have made arrest also. But the question is why did they keep him locked up for an entire night instead of giving him immediate medical attention,the all Assam minority students union raise the question. He didn't commit a crime. Shaukat Ali told me in GMCH, he also saw some of the boys who attacked him came to the station while he was in the custody, and talked to police.

About the Author :

Hasina Ahmed
Minority student leader and young writer, Assam. 
E-mail : hasinaahmed89@gmail.com

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