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Thursday, 15 November 2018

Wet Pages (Poem)

#Rukiya Begum, Guwahati

It was that paper boat.
from the squirt of the rain
the sobs were also heard
but didn't see the tears.

Didn't read that paper
written the whole story.
The colour of the siam was landed
to the top of the paper.
Pictures of identy
at the place of loyalty
it's glimpse.

What to do now
if you can
then you can got it
with loneliness.
From the omens of the darkness
sitting in the memories
and the dream also.
But right in the wounds
we never came back.
We awaked up
and the world is sleeping.

Little story going high
and became a big book.
But every page of that same book
wet in the rain.

It's been changed.

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