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Saturday, 17 November 2018

European nationalism is not necklace, but noose: Bharat Gandhi

More than 50,000 people demonstrated for a treaty to form government of homeland of Asian Region and to make act for Votership right 

Rangia : Voters Party International, VPI organized a massive peaceful demonstration by more than 50,000 people on its Foundation Day 17th November, in Rangia town (Kamrup) of Assam To eliminate economics slavery, the Voters Party International (VPI) has organized a massive peaceful demonstration and has demanded the fundamental change in present unjust politico-economic order. This demonstration took place in the town of Kamrup district of Assam state. More than 50,000 people participated in this demonstration. While addressing the gathering the founder and Policy Director of Voters Party International sought approval and support for formation of government of Homeland of Asian region and to act for Votership Right. Raising their hands, the demonstrationists expressed their support for above said two proposals mooted by Mr. Gandhi. This demonstration was organized on the occasion of foundation day of the party i.e. 17th November. Every year, on this day, the party celebrates the United Nations World Philosophy Day. Last year this program was held in New Delhi. 

Addressing the gathering Mr Bharat Gandhi, the author of more than two dozen books on political and economic reforms, observed that the concept of Nationalism in India has never tightened into the boundaries. He added that in Indian culture, the whole world has been treated as the one family. Introducing the adverse effect of European nationalism he said that the Government of our own country has kept the major part of Indian society itself into the detention of financial crisis deliberately just for maintaining the cheap export to other countries. He also told the audience that due to reason of cheap export the government has left the 80% production of food grains to perish and the clothes and medicine etc. to destroy and expire. He said that the government is violating the order of Supreme Court to distribute the food grains free of cost and is maintaining the economic slavery in country just for cheaper export. 

The policy director of VPI demanded for enactment of law namely votership to transfer Rs. 6000 per month amongst each and every voters of the country without condition. Explaining the reasons of free distribution of wealth, Mr. Gandhi said that in today's world economy the computer has snatched the jobs of educated class and the tractors, bulldozers, and JCB machines have nearly eliminated the work of non educated class. He added that in this condition giving employment to each and every youth is not possible theoretical. Hence, therefore he added that only distribution of money created by the labour of machines is only solution to solve the financial crisis of households of the country. 

Focusing on management of the fund to distribute the amount of Votership, Mr. Bharat Gandhi informed the audience that if a treaty takes place to form a government of Homeland of Asian region, then the amount of 6000 rupees can easily be increased up to more than 10,000 rupees. He added that after adoption of collective defense system of at least Asian countries, the defense of the country will become more effective in lesser budget. He added that the savings from the defense budget may be diverted towards the amount of Votership. The head of VPI Mr. Bharat Gandhi appealed the public of Assam to give mandate to his party by awarding the victory of candidates of the party in upcoming elections of Panchayat and general elections of Lok Sabha for empowering the party to change the present faulty and unjust politico-economic order. 

The president of all India committee of VPI, the ex Member of Parliament Mr Brahmadev Anand Paswan said that the old thoughts and old thinkers has become irrelevant today. He added that today the society need the fresh thought, the fresh thinker, the fresh leadership, the fresh political party and the fresh system of polity and economy. He stated that the Voters Party International is much competent to perform this responsibility. 

The state president of the party Mr Lalit Pegu appealed the public of the state of Assam to join this party. He added that only VPI is capable to render real development to the state and to maintain peace. Many other office bearers of all India committee and the State Committee of the party addressed the gathering. The president of Central committee of the party Mr Vijay Kumar Jain presided over the meeting held at the occasion of the foundation day of the party. Mr. Shajahan Sekh anchored the proceeding of the mass gathering.

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