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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Lebanon's president adjourns Parliament for 1 month

BEIRUT(AP) — Lebanese President Michel Aoun says he is invoking his constitutional powers to adjourn the parliament for one month.
Lebanon's deputies were set to vote in Parliament on Thursday to postpone national elections and extend their term for a third time since 2013.
Aoun, addressing the nation from the Presidential Palace, justified the adjournment to give legislators time to craft a new election law and hold elections as quickly as possible.
Lebanon's political parties say it is time to scrap the country's 1960 voting law that allocates seats by religious sect, but disagree over what system should replace it.
Aoun says he was elected president last October with the mandate of ushering in a new law, and elections.
Opposition parties and civic groups are threatening demonstrations against any parliamentary extension tomorrow.

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