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Monday, 22 August 2016

Why Shivraj Singh Chouhan didn't want to get his 'soos' and 'saks' wet

What would have happened if the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh had got his soos (shoes) and saks (socks) wet? After all, it was only six inches of water. But Shivraj Singh Chouhan chose to be carried by other humans. Maybe, he thought the waters would part for him like they did for Moses.

When are we going to stop having to flinch at these unedifying shots of so called VIPs behaving treated like their were demi-gods?

It is bad enough that Chouhan is being ferried across in this absurd human chair but to have uniformed personnel doing the ‘courtesy’ is downright inappropriate and discourteous.

We see sycophants carrying slippers, touching feet, grovelling and snivelling and we are sort of immune to it. Every now and again comes a high water mark in bad taste like this chief minister cheerfully going along for the ride.

I am surprised at the restraint shown. It would have been more in keeping with his status if everyone in the entourage would have lain down in the water holding their breath collectively while our beloved leader walked over their backs.

What gets me is that the Amanganj inundated area because of the floods hitting the Panna region. Right. He knew he was going to visit waterlogged areas. So either walk the walk or slosh the slosh or get the hell out of there.

A question which goes unanswered is: where was he being carried to, what did he accomplish at that destination and the waters recede for him to return dry or was he carried back. How often did he get carried and where was his vehicle which could have easily gone across ankle deep water.

This doesn’t even look like a flood, more like a puddle.

What is more frightening than our public acceptance of such nonsense is the entitlement written across the chief minister's face. He sees nothing wrong in uniformed people (or anybody) carting him across that pool.

This is it. It is his right and privilege to have human slaves do such biddings.

Despite all the coverage and the fact that he knew he was being taped and there would be criticisms he did not care a hoot. There are just no consequences in our nation for a VIP's bad behaviour.

The IGP will never ask the Home Secretary what the heck the chief minister thought he was doing misusing men on official duty.

The Home Secretary dare not ask the chief minister what he was thinking and look how foolish he comes off at the end of it. Not even the Opposition will do anything about it because in the archives will be competitive photographs of equally embarrassing behaviour.

So nobody will bring it up. Until the next time there is a fire and then perhaps the home guards can carry our worthy across the coals.

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