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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Tokyo 2020: Everything we know about the next Olympic Games

The Toko 2020 Olympic Stadium

When does it start?

Easy tiger, these Games have only just finished!

You'll have to wait a very long time for your next Olympic fix, sadly. The Games in Tokyo don't get going until

However, the timings should be a little more friendly for UK viewers - if still a tad wacky. No more finals at 4am - although nothing going on at all past around 3pm.
We all enjoyed getting up at the crack of dawn to watch football when the World Cup was in Japan and Korea, remember? Watching Brazil demolish England over our cornflakes in 2002; what a time to be alive.

When can I buy tickets?

You can't buy them yet, surprisingly enough.

Average ticket prices for the events will cost ¥7,000 (£54), according to Nikkei Shiumbun, a Japanese newspaper, while entry to the opening ceremony will cost anything between ¥25,000 (£191) and ¥150,000 (£1,147).


Oh no, not already, surely? Yes, unfortunately.

Things have gone far from smoothly since Tokyo was awarded the Games in 2013 and it involves everything from the stadium to the IAAF bribery scandal.

A seven-figure sum was allegedly directed by the Tokyo bid team intoan account at the centre of the athletics corruption scandal, and was being investigated by French police.

Besides that, the Japanese organisers have had to have a second stadium design competition, after chucking out Zaha Hadid's original winning plans due to concerns over budget and physical size.

There have also been accusations that the new design plagiarises the earlier blueprints conceived by Hadid.

Perhaps most embarrassingly, the new stadium design omitted any place for the Olympic flame cauldron to sit.
New sports

The International Olympic Committee confirmed earlier this month that there will be five new sports at the 2020 summer Games.

Baseball, climbing, karate, skateboarding and surfing will join the list of 39 existing sports in Tokyo, though there is still no place for netball, squash or snooker.

Neither bridge nor chess has been accepted as part of the Olympic pantheon of sports for 2020.

Olympic venues & Stadium

Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium
Yoyogi National Stadium
Nippon Budokan
Imperial Palace Garden
Tokyo International Forum
Kokugikan Arena
Ariake Arena
Olympic Gymnastic Centre
Olympic BMX Course
Ariake Tennis Park
Odaiba Marine Park
Shiokaze Park
Seaside Park Hockey Stadium
Sea Forest Cross-Country Course
Sea Forest Waterway
Canoe slalom venue
Dream Island Archery Field
Olympic Aquatics Centre
Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Cente
Baji Koen
Musashino Forest Sport Centre
Tokyo Stadium
Saitama Super Arena
Asaka shooting Range
Kasumigaseki Country Club
Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex
Enoshima Yacht Harbour
Izu Velodrome
Izu Mountain Bike Course
Sapporo Dome
Miyagi Stadium
Saitama Stadium
International Stadium Yokohama
IBC/MPC Tokyo International Exhibition Center

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