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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

'Sairat' first Indian film to record music at Hollywood

Marathi cinema, the cradle of Indian cinema which has left Bollywood far behind in both international and national acclaim, has created history yet again. Zee Studios’ upcomingSairat has become the first ever Indian film, to record its music at Sony Scoring Studios in Hollywood, LA where the musical baton was wielded by the composer duo and siblings Ajay-Atul (Gogavale).

National Awardees Ajay-Atul (for Jogwa, 2008) say they were both “particular and precise” with Sairat’s music. “Nagraj Manjule’s Fandry has set a new benchmark for Indian filmmaking. Both his subject and his treatment stand out and stay with the cinegoer long after leaving the cinema hall. We wanted the music to be able to hold its own without overwhelming or getting overwhelmed itself. We are happy to hear the feedback about what many are calling ‘a delightful collection of breezy upbeat numbers,” Ajay told dna.

According to him, “Achieving both the precise and particular could only be possibleif we did not scrimp on anything. The technical and engineering standards at the recording were of such high calibre that it has helped add to the overall listening pleasure of Sairat’s songs.”

The composer duo recorded orchestral symphonies with as many as 45 musicians (conducted by renowned orchestra conductor Mark Graham). “Our emphatic stress was on the arrangement of musical instruments like cello, violin, harp, horns and brass. That is what made the difference,” pointed out Atul.

Earlier known as MGM studios, the Sony Scoring Stage has in the past witnessed the music recording of silver screen icons like Gone With the Wind, Ben Hur, Lawrence of Arabia, Schindler’s List and ET. It is known to be favourite for filmmaking legends like Steven Spielberg.

When asked about how they arrived at the music Ajay told dna, “Love is the most universal thing in the world and so is music. Since Sairat is a love story we let that drive our compositions where we have emphasises on melody.”

Many who have heard Yaad Lagla, Sairat Zhala Ji, Aattach baya ka and theSairat theme have been floored by their marvellous orchestration. “Melody and orchestration apart we haven’t forgotten the tadka of our signature folk element in these tracks too. Its been our experience irrespective of whether audiences are rural, urban or metropolitan, this unfailingly finds its mark<” said Atul and added, “Its exciting to think of how the larger audience will react to the music of this film as the authenticity of the symphonies will work like a cherry on the cake.”

Sairat is releasing on 29th April 2016. The film is directed by Fandry fame National Awardee director Nagraj Manjule and produced by Zee Studios. The film has been showcased at the prestigious 66th Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale).

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