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Monday, 22 August 2016

MJ Akbar's West Asia tour: India, Iraq convey support in fight against terrorism

MJ Akbar

Minister of State for External Affairs MJ Akbar is in Iraq as a part of his West Asia tour.

He met the top leadership in Iraq, including President Fuad Masum, President of the Council of Representatives Salim al-Jabouri, Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Eshaiqer Al-Jaafari, and National Security Advisor Faleh al-Fayyadh.


The two sides acknowledged the grave threat that international terrorism and its sponsors posed to international peace and security and also the very architecture of nation state.

They conveyed strong support to each other in their common fight against the menace of terrorism.

India's expressed support for the unity and territorial integrity of Iraq and conveyed India's abiding commitment to the emergence of a stable, peaceful, united and democratic Iraq, which was in the interest of regional and global peace and security.


The minister sought Iraq's assistance to trace the whereabouts and safe release of 39 abducted Indians. The Iraqi leadership assured of full cooperation and support in the matter.

The two sides discussed the entire gamut of bilateral engagement, including economic, trade, investment, energy security, defence, security and counter terrorism.

India conveyed its willingness to partner in the reconstruction of Iraq and for continued assistance through Indian government's capacity-building programmes under ITEC.

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