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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Syndicate is Not STOP in ASSAM

Barpeta, 31 July, 2016 : In Assam a top level Timber versus Woods SYNDICATE with help own printed duplicate these Tps, he operates specially From NAGAON district to Lower Assam Dhubri district. The Syndicate head office established permanently at Bahari Bazaar in 2012 namely DIKSHA ENTERPRISE , Marowari Mandir ( Barpeta ), Assam. The owner of the Syndicate is Gobin Sharma but his original name is Gobin Sarkar. 
Gobin Sarkar (Sharma)
He has no any timber shop but etymologically All the forest officers specially top level officers eg. Ranger, DFO , and types of forest officers from top to bottom and that's they give him permission to operate syndicate. This photo's man name is Gobin Sharma but the new Assam government as well as Assam police do not take any action against him , Whereas they knew everything about this top most timber syndicate. One important thing that Government of Assam loses a vast amount of revenue from timbers which are gone to the pocket of Gobin Sharma, Forest corrupted officers, some police officers. Another thing due to the Syndicate the REGISTRATION holder's Timber shopkeeper unable to transfer their without permission from Gobin. If they try then the corrupted officers seized that original Tp holders timber and penalty a huge amount and give suggestions not to try again as well as to meet Gobin Sharma .
So Government of Assam should take necessary action against Gobin Sharma, his team , corrupted government employees related with him, Duplicate Tp Issuing timber sawing Mills as well Truck owner who are closely related with him.

Assam has lost a huge amount of Revenue from timbers because of Gobin and corrupted forest officers.

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